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Dive into the future with our generative AI solutions, where cutting-edge technology meets strategic foresight. We specialize in harnessing the power of AI to spark creativity, drive efficiency, and unlock new possibilities for your business

Unleash Creativity and Innovation with Our Generative AI Solutions


Business solutions and Insights

Smart & Faster insights, drive innovations, business co-pilot, human centric design for decision making.

Strategy - AI Roadmap

Proprietary framework developed by our experts that involve detailed analysis of their unique business needs and specific pain points to tailor a strategic plan that ensures maximum benefits.

Tools - Custom business agents & prompt eng

Controlled flow of data to utilise LLMs. Advisory on mindful usage of LLM orchestrators or agents, vector databases, advanced prompt engineering, guardrails, and more.

Foundation - LLM & Data

Designing custom LLMs enriched with relevant business context and domain knowledge. Ensuring you gain total control over input, output and training data and deploying in client’s cloud environment.
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Shreenivas Joshi

Practice Head - Artificial Intelligence
Shreenivas Joshi

Sagar Chadha

Practice Head - Data Science
Sagar Chadha

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